“In August 2009, I was the definition of incomprehensible demoralization. I was broken beyond human aid. The only time I knew of God was when I was trying to get out of a situation and consequence that I caused myself, and couldn’t take responsibility for. My entire life was a vicious cycle of one bad decision after another.  I had just recently been into a motorcycle accident and was still physically recovering with little hope of staying sober.

When I arrived at Fellowship Living by taxi from Broward Outreach Center, Rick and the staff at Fellowship Living welcomed me with open arms. The structure and accountability at Fellowship Living saved my life and gave me so much hope.  After working the 12 steps of recovery with my Sponsor in Alcoholics Anonymous and staying sober a year I became the housing manager. I then began to find purpose for my new found life and looked into becoming a Certified Addictions Counselor.”

-Steve P.

“My stay at Fellowship living was something indescribable from words.  I’ve struggled with addiction for 10+ years, being born and raised on Cape Cod it was a scary thought leaving home to come to Florida.  My friend who lived at Fellowship recommended their sober living to me.  It was by far the best decision I’ve made in years.  All the staff members including the owner was heavy involved in helping me achieve sobriety.  From the accountability of being involved in some sort of 12 step program, to my weekly review helped me realized what I was doing well on, and what needed improvement.  To this day I continue to keep in contact with staff, I couldn’t thank them enough.  I could not have got the year and a half I’ve achieved without them.

Thanks fellowship!!”

-Chris L.

“After my relapse I felt alone, broken, and hopeless.  It was beyond that famous arch that stands in front of the property that I learned the true meaning of a “we” program.  I learned how to truly enjoy my life again with the help of the women I was surrounded by who really cared about me.  These women loved me until I learned how to love myself.  We experienced many new firsts together in sobriety, good and bad, and learned to get through it all without drugs and alcohol.  The staff helped me put the shattered pieces of my life back together and taught me how to be a productive and successful member of society.  The friends I made at fellowship have turned into family and years later still play such a major role in my life.  I am proud to say that because of my experience here I have grown up… physically, mentally, and most of all spiritually.  I am blessed to say that I am an alumni of fellowship living!”

-Michelle C.

“My time at fellowship was a blessing. I came to the Fellowship Living Facilities after an 18 month prison stint. My life had fallen apart, my family wanted nothing to do with me and I had finally hit rock bottom. With the guidance of Mike and others, I was able to prioritize my life, acknowledge by compulsive patterns and make a decision to change my way of life through the 12 steps with a sponsor. I am so grateful I had a place to go when I needed one and I built my foundation that formed the rest of my life. Today, I am married with 3 beautiful kids, a home, a car, a career. I will always be grateful to the fellowship, the rooms and the love of this program for giving me a life beyond my dreams.”

-Chris P.

“Fellowship has brought light and hope into my life.  I was in a dark place where I could not even look at myself in the mirror.  I once begged God to take me and I cried out for help.  Fellowship opened their door to me when every other door was closed.  Here I have a chance at life.  I am finding women that support me in my recovery.  I no longer want to die.  Today, I can look in the mirror and like the person staring back at me.  Fellowship is so much more than a program, it’s my family.  I found a life I can live with my head held high.  It’s where I found me.”

-Stacey L.

“When I was brought to Fellowship Living, all prior conceptions of sober living facilities and halfway houses became void. It was clean, comfortable, and residents were happy to be there. I always thought I could free myself of my addiction on my own, and no matter what I tried, I failed miserably. I was court ordered to Fellowship for six months…I ended up staying for twenty. This place gave me the resources, structure, and support I needed to maintain my sobriety as well as being a responsible individual in society. There is a strong emphasis on people helping each other out, and staying involved. (Not only staying involved in recovery, but the community at large.) I’ve formed some of the greatest friendships with great people here. If it were not for Fellowship, I would not have the wonderful life I have today. I would have never given a 12 step program a chance. I am so grateful for what Rick, Susan, Mike, Lisa, and all the house manger do. Thank you all!”

-Alexander C.

“To talk about Fellowship Living is to talk about the foundation of my recovery epoch.  In my journey, I have lived in many halfway houses, but none were even comparable.  From the first time I stepped foot onto the grounds, I could “feel,” a difference.  The camaraderie and brotherhood that exists between the men that lived there with me is unparalleled.  I made so many lasting friendships that were vital to my journey of recovery.  The staff really cares and truly goes the extra mile when it comes to the success of the residents.  I learned how to be a productive and accountable member of society during my time living at Fellowship.  It was the best decision of my life to live here during early recovery.  I still to this day feel at home there and continue to pick up my anniversary medallions there.  There are certain places I have gone in my life that have a “god consciousness,” about them and Fellowship Living is most definitely one of those places.  Thanks to Mike, Rick, all the staff and all the residents, I was able to get a new vision for life and a new, fresh view on recovery as a whole.”

-Evan L.


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